How it All Started – The Story of Slicker Stickers

In September 1981, Slicker Stickers had a humble beginning with a catalogue of just 8 designs. Our focus was always on ensuring the highest quality, and we felt we could achieve this by starting out small. The company was created to serve the niche market of printing merit stickers, certificates, rewards and awards as important teacher resources. In fact, we were the first company in New Zealand to offer such products.

Who is Eeny Meeny

We’re happy to announce that Slicker Stickers has a new owner, Eeny Meeny!​

Eeny Meeny is a New Zealand owned family business, that provides stationery and educational supplies to schools and early childhood educators throughout the country. As of the 1st of June, all Slicker Sticker orders will be processed by Eeny Meeny.

But what does that mean?  It means you’ll receive all your favourite slicker products coupled with Eeny Meeny’s spectacular customer service! So keep ordering just as normal and we’ll make sure you receive your slicker fun along with a pinch of Eeny Meeny magic.

An enthusiastic response

Our first marketing campaign was directed towards teachers and delivered to them via mail order. All we did was paste our stickers on DLE sized flyers and mail them to teachers and schools across the country with a mail order form. Far beyond our expectations and as a testament to the quality of our products, we received enthusiastic response from our initial customers. The amazing response that we received was also due to the fact that we were the first company in the country to offer teachers a fun, attractive and inexpensive way to reward their students and motivate them to work harder.



Expanding our catalogue

Our initial offering was small – our catalogue contained only 8 sticker designs that customers could choose from. Taking a cue from the healthy response we were receiving, we decided to expand our catalogue to include different categories of stickers. However, Slicker Stickers did not stop there. We added other merit items like certificates, ribbons and testamurs.

To cater to teachers in primary schools, we created fun games that teachers can use in classrooms. Not only are these games super fun and engaging, they are also educational. Today, our vast collection of school stickers can be grouped under four categories – Chart Seals, Stars, General Stickers and Recognition. What’s more – if you are not satisfied with our designs, you can send us your custom designs and we will gladly customize the sticker, ribbon or testa’mur certificate according to your specifications.

We haven’t stopped innovating

Since 1981, our goal has been to provide teachers and schools with a fun and interesting way to promote learning and hard work. The quality of our products has rewarded us with a loyal customer base. We have continued to update and add to our collections of products to include various themes.

In 2008, we started using full color A4 size printed catalogues. Before this, our collections were displayed on the “big black poster” that was hung up in staffrooms. We believe in constant innovation and commitment to quality and deadlines.

You will be hard pressed to find our level of expertise elsewhere. So view our online shop of designs and order school merit stickers and products today!


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